Snug Aromatherapy Products

Unique scents. Expertly blended for performance and balance.

Many years of research, experimenting, and testing have been invested in creating Snug’s products. So many ingredients and components don’t make the grade. So many scents and waxes which appear to be the perfect match on paper simply don’t work. This can be frustrating. But it can be exhilarating too. When we find the perfect blend. The ideal combination of light, scent and performance.

Composed of only the finest natural waxes, each candle is infused with the highest amount of essential oils the wax can take to deliver the best possible therapeutic benefits and scent throw without compromising burn quality or glow. And hand made. This is the most expensive and time-consuming method. But we will not cut corners and we will not compromise.

We now take great pride in introducing SNUG’s scents to you – The only ones that have attained Mo’s exacting standards for composition, fragrance, throw and effect. Whether lit or slumbering.